Buon giorno a tutti!

We return to Piemonte–The Piedmont–for our next Taste & Learn, which will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 7.


As you’re certainly all aware, it’s my favorite region, which produces the very best wine in the world. The upcoming Taste & Learn will be represented by three different producers: Angelo Negro with our white wine (Arneis); Luigi Giordano with the Barbaresco (Cavanna); and our featured producer of the night– the Oddero winery with its Barbera  d’Alba ’12, followed by the Barolo, ’10. The menu, created by Chef Francesco di Caudo, will consist of the following extraordinary dishes:

First course: Arneis, Lupini ’13 Angelo Negro paired with “carpione di pesce”- marinated Mediterranean mackerel, fried smelt, sweet and sour jelly, red onion and celery emulsion.

Second course: Barbera d’Alba ’12, Oddero, paired with “prosciutto d’anatra”- house-made duck prosciutto, garden salad and hazelnut dressing.

Third course: Barbaresco, Cavanna ’11 Luigi Giordano, paired with ‘raviolini di carne,’–Barbaresco-stained veal truffle ravioli and castelmagno cheese reduction.

Fourth course: Barolo ’10, Oddero, paired with seared buffalo tenderloin, hen-of-the-wood mushroom and corn.

Please make your reservations early as our popular Piemontese Taste & Learn events always sell quickly. Call 702.364.5300 to speak with our staff directly.


See you on May 7th!

Grazie e arrivederci,
Gino Ferraro