Welcome to one of the top Italian wine selections on the planet! We are excited to share the journey with you as this list will take you all over Italy with the focus on Toscana and Piemonte. At Ferraro’s we feel that the Nebbiolo varietal is the ultimate expression of what wine should be, of course if it’s traditionally made! Our Nebbiolo selection is impressive, possibly the finest in the United States and one of the top in the world. We are proud to represent the major players of Italy such as Emidio Pepe from Abbruzzo where traditional method will never cease, Soldera Brunello (by far the best Brunello in our estimation), Biondi Santi Brunello and Bertani Amarone. As a special treat we also feature the big boys from Piemonte like Paolo Scavino, La Spinetta, Bruno Giacosa, Giuseppe Mascarello, Bartolo Mascarello, Vietti, Aldo Conterno and Luciano Sandrone.
Some particulars we recommend you make note of is the incredible collection of Angelo Gaja with over 40 selections to choose from, and the ultimate wine maker Giacomo Conterno’s creations with two spectacular Barolo’s highlighted, Cascina Francia and Monfortino which is possibly the best wine on the planet! We value the older traditional winemaking processes and believe that French oak should stay in France. It is our firm belief that wines made in this fashion pair best with true Italian cuisine, which is simple, fresh and not over powered with garlic and other spices. As you peruse the menu you’ll find these are the wines we highly recommend. Just like the wines, we let our food express the tradition and flavors of Italy. If you have any questions regarding our wine list please don’t hesitate to ask for our wine experts, Paolo Uccellatori or Gino Ferraro. It is our life long love and we are pleased to share it with you.