Did you know that over 88% of Americans choose Italian food as their favorite? 

With a variety of fresh flavors that dance on your tongue, it’s no wonder so many people love this cuisine. That’s why Italian fine dining is such a popular choice. It elevates the Italian experience to new heights that’ll leave you craving more. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve collected the top dishes that all Italian lovers need to try right away. Check it out down below!


If you’re a fan of creamy rice and a crispy fried texture, then you need to try arancini. Often made from leftover risotto, these fried rice balls combine the classic flavors of risotto into a new way that’s truly addicting. It’s a great way to start any dining experience but it also stands on its own as a dinner dish if you want. 

In our menu, we take our arancini to a whole new level by adding an essence of earthy truffle to the mix to make it even better. Salty, creamy, and crispy, you can’t go wrong with arancini!

Calamari Fritti

Another authentic Italian fried delicacy is calamari fritti. The soft calamari goes well with the fried breading to create a wonderful treat. We use only the freshest calamari possible to ensure that everything melds together seamlessly. 

Add in some tangy mustard sauce and you’ll want to skip dinner altogether in favor of these delicious calamari fritters!


Burrata is such a traditional Italian cheese that no restaurant is complete without at least one dish showcasing its wonderful taste. This soft cheese pairs well with grilled zucchini and a sweet acidic Saba sauce.

Crushed pistachios give this soft and creamy cheese a nice bit of crunch without overwhelming the dish. Try this as your appetizer and you’ll know you’re in for a real fine dining experience like no other!

Gnocchi Bolognese

If you’ve ever had gnocchi, then you know how wonderful these little potato pillows can be. When added to a traditional bolognese sauce, however, gnocchi becomes something spectacular. 

Don’t forget to add some parmesan cheese to tie all of those flavors together into a magical bite of tangy tomato, creamy potato, and salty cheese. 

Pappardelle Mimmo

This is one of the best traditional Italian dishes for seafood lovers. The texture of the flat pasta provides the perfect background for succulent scallops and buttery lobster. 

The added sage and truffle give this dish a distinct herby and earthy finish that pairs well with the seafood. Throw in some crisp asparagus and you’ve got yourself a real feast. It’s the type of combination that makes seafood lovers rejoice!


Authentic Acquerello risotto is the star of this fantastic dish. Starchy and creamy, nothing matches better than fresh lobster that’s cooked to perfection. 

With a little bit of mascarpone cheese and truffle mixed in, you’ll have perfection in every bite. It’s similar to a classic risotto dish but elevated to new heights with all of these flavors merging together. 

Spaghetti Carbonara

There are few classics in Italian cuisine that get as much love as spaghetti carbonara. This peppery and creamy pasta dish comes sprinkled with plenty of pecorino cheese.

The pancetta mixed into the pasta provides a salty tang that makes it even more of a joy to eat. We also add in plenty of guanciale to give the dish extra pops of delicious flavor.

You might have tried carbonara in the past, but you’ve never had one quite like ours!

Coniglio Brasato

Looking for something meaty to sate your appetite? How about a seared and tender rabbit steak served in a bed of luscious polenta? To give the dish even more depth, why not add in some roasted mushrooms that highlight the flavor of the meat? 

This Italian dish delivers on all accounts and any meat lover will go home feeling satisfied!

Osso Buco

Another great dish that explores the flavors of cooked meat is our house specialty. Osso buco takes the supple texture of a shank of veal and pairs it with a red wine reduction that provides a tangy background without stealing the show. 

In our minds, the texture of farro is the best complement to the veal. It adds an extra layer to the dish while still allowing the veal to be the star of the show. With the veal shank seared to perfect, you won’t want it any other way!


When you want to finish your night with something sweet without being too filling, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of gelato. Similar to ice cream, gelato has a smoother and creamier texture and it bursts with flavor with every spoonful.

Here at Ferraro’s, we make all of our gelato in-house and we often switch up the base flavor to keep things interesting. When you visit, make sure to ask about our current gelato offerings and come back often to try them all!


No true Italian cuisine expert goes far without hearing about the magical dish of tiramisu. This authentic Italian food brings people together from all over the world to enjoy the unique mixture of espresso and mascarpone cheese. 

After a night full of delicious food, it’s difficult to even think about trying to splurge on dessert. However, everyone needs to try a bit of tiramisu at some point in their life. The soaked ladyfingers and tangy-sweet cheese is a combination that always hits the spot. 

After you try this classic dish, you’ll be tempted to skip dinner and head straight for dessert!

Explore the Wonders of Italian Fine Dining 

The best part about Italian fine dining is the fact that it’ll take a long time to enjoy all the different facets it has to offer. One evening will be unlike the next. This makes it a joy to head out to an exquisite Italian restaurant for a delicious experience every week. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new and explore your favorite cuisine even further. You won’t regret it!

Ready to dive into the delicious world of Italian cuisine? Make a reservation today and let us dazzle you with our distinct flavors you won’t find anywhere else!