Italy is known to serve up some of the best food globally. If you agree, you’re not alone. 

According to a recent poll, Americans voted pizza as their favorite food. The high honor is given to the classic Italian dish, with over 21% of Americans claiming pizza would be their choice if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives. 

Italian food is so popular that many of the best Italian restaurants can be found in prominent cities around the United States. We’ve got your list of the best Italian Las Vegas restaurants for your next trip to Sin City. 

Some of the best concepts in the world make them to the Las Vegas culinary scene, and they sure don’t disappoint. 

If you want a decadent Italian meal to get you ready for a night on the strip, keep reading for your guide to Italian food in Las Vegas.

1. Ferraro’s

This classic Las Vegas restaurant is an absolute staple if you’re visiting Las Vegas. If you love authentic Italian food, Ferraro’s is for you. 

They have been family-owned and operated for over 30 years, which is no small feat on the Las Vegas strip. Some of their classic Italian dishes include house-made pasta, fine cuts of sirloin, and carpaccio. They take pride in the authenticity of their dishes and only use the best ingredients. 

Ingredients like Parmigiano cheese, truffle oil, and fresh antipasti can all be found on the menu at Ferraro’s.

They offer authentic Italian dishes in addition to special menus. Ferraro’s currently features a truffle menu, a Thanksgiving menu, and a menu celebrating its 36th anniversary. 

For alternative dietary requirements, they offer a vegan-friendly menu for you to enjoy the Italian classics, which are plant-based. Additionally, their menu features gluten-free bread and pasta. 

Ferraro’s is also a fabulous wine bar with an award-winning wine selection. They have a pervasive wine list with someone to suit every palate.

Come for the pasta, stay for the wine! 

2. Amalfi by Bobby Flay

Amalfi is the first Italian concept from chef Bobby Flay. Opened in the spring of 2021, the menu offers many seafood dishes inspired, of course, by the Amalfi coast.

This region is known to have some of the world’s best seafood. Shrimp, octopus, anchovy, and seabream are all classic ingredients in Amalfi-inspired dishes. These are used in many traditional dishes, including pasta dishes. 

It’s no wonder that Amalfi by Bobby Flay showcases his take on these classic and coastal ingredients. His menu includes crab salad, whole fish, and antipasti. A fresh fish display is also introduced and explained by a knowledgeable fishmonger on site. 

The menu also features a fantastic selection of pasta made from homemade dry pasta from the restaurant’s kitchen.  

3. Fresco 

Las Vegas is not only known for its incredible nightlife; it’s known for its culinary scene. Fresco is another great Italian restaurant if you’re hitting the Las Vegas strip. 

This restaurant features award-winning chefs who create a fusion of flavors to create a versatile Italian menu. They feature a stone-fired pizza oven for pizzas and flatbreads and a classic Italian veal parmigiana. They also import unique ingredients from Italy, including their flour.  

Their menu has a fun feature where you can customize your pasta. You can choose your favorite type of pasta and pick from various fresh-made sauces.

Fresco is known to have simple, fresh, and flavorful Italian cuisine with plenty of variety. Whether you prefer steak, chicken, seafood, or vegetable dishes, Fresco has something on the menu for you. 

4. Andiamo 

Joe Vicari owns Andiamo, and with nine restaurant locations, he lives by the restaurant’s name, Italian for “let’s go!”. 

This isn’t your average restaurant that serves spaghetti and meatballs. In fact, “spaghetti and meatballs” is not an authentically Italian dish. 

This beautiful Italian steakhouse is famous for its fine cuts of meat and an array of Italian classics. Andiamo partners with some of the finest butchers in the country. Their preparation method involved aging their beef for 30 days for the ultimate in flavor, texture, and tenderness. 

They also offer traditional pasta dishes, seafood options, fresh antipasti, and vegetarian dishes. 

They take great pride in the quality of their cuts, their exemplary dining service, and their memorable atmosphere. 

5. Bootlegger Bistro

For classic Las Vegas cuisine, Bootlegger Bistro is a great option. They have been open since 1949, and they serve up an old-school Vegas vibe. 

They have various options on their menu, including pasta, chicken, seafood, and steak dishes. They offer some Italian classics, like Pomodoro Rustica, topped with fresh basil, garlic, and tomatoes. Their marinara sauce is famous for their in-house chef Maria, whose recipes are integral to this family-run business. 

Some of the most popular dishes include their house specialty of homemade lasagna or linguine with baby clams. Both red and white sauces are made in-house and guaranteed to tantalize your Italian taste buds. 

Eat Your Way Through Sin City with the Best Italian Las Vegas Restaurants 

If you’re headed to Nevada for a weekend of fun, make sure to designate time (and stomach space) to check out the best Italian Las Vegas restaurants. For authentic Italian fare, stop by Bootlegger Bistro, Andiamo, Fresco, and Almafi. For a rich dining experience, Ferarro’s will make you feel like you’re dining in Italy with friends and family. 

Visit our website today to book a table at Ferarro’s and check out the full menu.