Catering Menu


If you are interested in hosting your next gathering at Ferraro’s, or would like to have us cater your next event, please give call or submit a request. We look forward to making your next occasion a memorable one!

If you’re looking to have a delicious meal for your next party or outside event, we’ve got you covered. Ferraro’s offers outstanding catering options including pick up as well as delivery, set-up/cleanup, servers if needed, and chaffing dishes/serving utensils. 

Take a look at our private dining areas and choose the perfect banquet space for your party to enjoy an exquisite Italian meal.


We let our food, and cooking, do the talking. We invite you to browse our menus while planning your next event.

It’s never been easier to find great catering in Las Vegas for your next special occasion.


Catering Menu

This menu is available for off-premise dining options only. If you have any items you would like from our current dinner menu, please inquire.


PRICING IS PER PERSON – Please specify how many people for event when ordering.

Mozzarella Caprese

Serves 12 – Fresh imported Italian mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic reduction

Shrimp Marechiaro
$3.00 per unit

Size 13/15

Shrimp Cocktail
$3.00 per unit

Size 13/15

Homemade Meatballs

Per dozen – Served in tomato sauce

Nonna’s Stuffed Pepper
$12.00 per unit
Italian Antipasto
$144 HT/$240 FT

Serves 12/25 – Imported cured meat, house made roasted and pickle vegetables, imported cheeses, marinated olives

Rolled Carpaccio Di Manzo
$18 per order
$28 per lb.

HT = HALF TRAY serves 8-12 ppl, FT = FULL TRAY serves 20-25 ppl

$60 HT / $120 FT

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, avocado, red onion, balsamic reduction

Ferraro Salad
$55 HT / $90 FT

Mix spring salad, cherry tomato, dry cranberries, pistachio, sunflower seeds, shaved carrots, Parmigiano Reggiano, 4 Foglie balsamico dressing

Caesar Salad
$55 HT / $90 FT

Classic Caesar salad, Cetara anchovy dressing, Cantabrian anchovies

HT = HALF TRAY serves 8-12 ppl, FT = FULL TRAY serves 20-25 ppl

All of our pasta is made in-house; please feel free to ask for gluten-free and Paleo options for a $15 upcharge.

Rigatoni Bolognese
$75 HT / $150 FT
Rigatoni Spilinga
$75 HT / $150 FT
Rigatoni Pomodoro
$60 HT / $120 FT
Rigatoni Arrabiata
$60 HT / $120 FT
Rigatoni Pink Vodka
$65 HT / $130 FT
$75 HT / $150 FT

Spinach, ricotta, mortadella, light cherry tomato sauce

Lasagna all Gino
$180 FT Only

HT = HALF TRAY serves 8-12 ppl, FT= FULL TRAY serves 20-25 ppl

We are proud to serve our guests, grass-fed, free-range/ pasture-raised, No hormones and No antibiotics EVER!

Chicken Piccata
$195 HT / $360 FT

8 chicken breasts / 15 chicken breasts

Chicken Limone’
$195 HT / $360 FT

8 chicken breasts / 15 chicken breasts

Veal Picatta
$15 per order

2 scallopini, each 4oz

Osso Buco
$62 per order

The reason behind our longevity!

$28 per order

7oz salmon fillet

Coniglio Brasato
$28 per order

2 pieces per order. Braised rabbit… SO GOOD!

$50.00 per lb.

Prime beef filet mignon, sold by the whole loin

$28.00 per order

Served Only in Half Trays

Grilled Asparagus
Roasted rosemary potatoes
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
Sautéed rapini

Broccoli rabe

$80 HT / $150 FT
Passione Pistachio
$80 HT / $150 FT
$3.50 SM / $5 LG
Rosalba’s Cookies
$25.00 per lb.

An assortment of Italian cookies

The Famous Cheesecake

Made in house, whole cake