Described as “diamonds of the kitchen” by French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, truffles possess exquisite qualities that chefs yearn for in their dishes.  They are especially alluring because they cannot be planted or grown commercially, and can only be found in a couple European and Australian regions. These prized delicacies latch on to the roots of oak, chestnut, and hazelnut trees, and are typically harvested by female pigs and dogs. The most sought-after truffles grow throughout the late autumn to early winter season, but summer varieties of black and white truffles also exist.

Black Truffle Characteristics

The black truffle is prominent in the Périgold region of France, as well as Italy, Spain, and Australia. Their unique depth of flavor allows them to be used in many ways, as black winter truffles can be lightly cooked into a variety of roasted meat dishes to add a peppery and bitter edge. More simply, they can be finely shaved on top of eggs as a finishing touch. At our Las Vegas Italian restaurant, you will find this seasonal gem served atop our delicious Risotto Arogosta. Fresh black truffles fetch extremely high prices, as their subtle aroma and earthy taste appeals to fine diners from all over the world.

Although the summer variety isn’t as popular, they still add a delicious touch to high-end cuisine. Black summer truffles are harvested in the springtime, from May to the end of August. Like their winter counterparts, they can be incorporated into fat-rich dishes and mixed into sauces.

White Truffle Characteristics

Celebrated for its sweet, garlicky taste, the white winter truffle is both the most popular and expensive truffle. Ferraro’s white truffles are harvested from the city of Alba, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Unlike the black truffle, which has a long-lasting aroma, the white truffle’s scent tapers off very quickly. So typically, they are served cut, shaved, or sliced on top of pasta, chicken, or potato dishes. Some of our Antipasti dishes, such as our Pappardelle Mimmo, include shaved white winter truffle, to provide a rich and unforgettable flavor.

The summer variety have a less intense flavor, but have the same musky aroma and garlic touch. Aspiring chefs looking to experiment with truffles should look to buy the summer white truffle, as it can be purchased in larger quantities at a much lower price.

Enjoy Truffles at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant

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