Savor one of the season’s most anticipated indulgences – Italian white truffles – now through early January at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar. Three signature dishes incorporating the prized white truffle are available nightly, including Ferraro’s signature Vitello Reale, which was featured in Wine Spectator magazine last year. This dish pairs tender veal medallions with sage, white wine, fried egg and fresh white truffles. In addition, Ferraro’s offers its popular pappardelle with sage butter as well as an elegant Champagne risotto—both finished off with delicate shavings of white truffle.

Italian white truffles are widely regarded as the most exquisite of all truffles. They are grown in Alba, a city in Italy’s hilly Piedmont region in the province of Cuneo. Truffles grow in the wild, where they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with mature oak, beech and hazelnut trees, from which they draw carbohydrates while growing underground. For this reason, truffles cannot be cultivated. That fact, together with their unmistakable rich and umami-filled flavor, makes truffles a universally rare and sought-after ingredient.

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