Savor one of the season’s most anticipated indulgences – Italian white truffles – at a special wine-pairing dinner at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar. “Tartufi e La Spinetta” takes place on Saturday, Dec. 10, at 6:30 p.m. and will feature selections from La Spinetta’s Tuscany and Piedmont wineries paired with authentic and imaginative Italian fare prepared by Chef Francesco DiCaudo.

The name “La Spinetta” means “top of the hill” and refers to the location of its first cellar in Castagnole Lanze. It was founded in 1977 by Giuseppe Rivetti and today consists of 407 acres spread between Piedmont and Tuscany. Its wines routinely earn 95-plus points from Wine Spectator and other wine-rating sources.

The menu for the “Tartufi e La Spinetta” dinner will include four La Spinetta wine selections paired with dishes incorporating white truffle:

  • Barbera Ca Del Pian, 2011, paired with Pecorino e Fiori (warm pecorino cheese pudding with a squash fritter and truffle sabayon)
  • Langhe Nebbiolo, 2013, paired with Agnolotti del Plin (small-pocket homemade veal ravioli and fontina)
  • Barbaresco Gallina, 2012, paired with Scamone (Macho farm veal sirloin, cardoon, and sunchokes)
  • Barolo Campe, 2005, paired with Formaggi (Piedmont cheese plate, jams, and honey)

Italian white truffles are widely regarded as the most exquisite of all truffles. Their season runs typically from late October to late December. Truffles grow in the wild, where they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with mature oak, beech, and hazelnut trees, from which they draw carbohydrates while growing underground. For this reason, truffles cannot be cultivated. That fact, together with their unmistakable rich and umami-filled flavor, makes truffles a universally rare and sought-after ingredient.

Tickets for the Tartufi e La Spinetta are $250 per person and very limited seating is available. To make reservations for this one-night-only event, please CLICK HERE or call (702) 364-5300.