There is nothing more delectable than an amazing wine, except perhaps pairing it with the perfect cheese. At Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant, we know that any type of event – birthday, anniversary, or just a night on the town – can be made all that much more memorable with the perfect pairing of cheese and wine. That’s why we carry an award-winning wine menu that is sure to please all our guests. Choose one or more of the pairings below for your next trip to Ferraro’s to make your taste buds pop with pleasure.

Soft and Fresh

For fresh and soft cheeses like ricotta, brie, mozzarella and feta, choose crisp whites, dry aperitifs and light-bodied reds. Mozzarella di Bufala is simple and delicate, so you will want to have a wine that enhances these qualities. The Fiano di Avellino is a powerful match. Both originating from Campania, this wine will not overpower the flavors of the soft and fresh cheese.

Medium Aged and Semi-Hard

With strong flavors and firm textures, these cheeses need wines that offer a balance for the palate. Pecorino Sardo, also known as sheep’s milk from Sardegna has a soft elastic texture with a slightly tangy flavor that is a fantastic match with the bright, savory, and zesty flavors of Vermentino, which is also from Sardegna.

Hard and Aged

Hard cheeses do well with full-bodied white wines and tannic red wines. The Pecorino pairs elegantly with a Chianti. The slight saltiness of the cheese draws out the explosive fruit flavors of strawberry, plum, and blueberry in this highly acidic wine. On the other hand, the acidity and bubbly quality of Prosecco or Franciacorta, which is made in the same style as Champagne, contrasts in an enjoyable way with the savory richness of Parmigiano Reggiano, another hard-aged cheese.

Blue Cheeses

The salty, savory body of a great blue cheese requires a strong wine to balance its flavor. Gorgonzola requires a wine with good complexity, richness, and flavor. The powerful saltiness tends to make red wine bitter and can intensify both tannins and alcohol. The best foil for salt is sweet. A delightful pairing would be a Vin Santo or Valpolicella Ripasso.

No matter which cheese and wine you choose to enjoy, we are confident that at Ferraro’s, a wine restaurant unlike any other, you will have an Italian fine dining experience to remember.

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