Buone Feste!

This holiday season, I have so many reasons to be thankful. I’m grateful to all of our loyal customers who have made Ferraro’s the success it is these last 30 years. I’m thankful for a healthy family, for our weekly Sunday lunches where Rosalba and I are surrounded by our children and grandchildren. I’m grateful for Rosalba’s cookies (although my waistline isn’t), which we sell by the pound during the holidays.  We have so, so many good things in our lives! It’s this time of year that makes me stop and reflect on just how blessed we are.

There’s something else I’m grateful for: it’s the privilege of being part of a community that takes stock of its blessings—and then decides to give back. Through several organizations that exist to give relief to the disadvantaged or simply to improve upon the world we live in, Ferraro’s is honored to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Just this past weekend, I joined our partner Wirtz Beverage, along with my son Mimmo and his wife Nikki, to bring 350 Pizza Forte pizzas and 750 pounds of mac and cheese to the annual Angel Tree party for 3,000 foster children and CASA volunteers. What an amazing day! There were games, gifts, balloon artists, bounce houses—and not a single child left empty handed. It was truly a thrill.

We are also proud and longtime supporters of UNLV, Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN)—where my daughter-in-law Nikki serves as Board President—and the Center for Mission and Exploited Children. Our contributions to these organizations have taken many forms over the years, but we are pleased to be considered a reliable and consistent source of support for each of them.

This giving season, we hope you, too, find much to celebrate in your lives and have a chance to experience the joy of giving back to those causes nearest to your own hearts.  We wish you a very merry, blessed and peaceful season.