Planning an event can be stressful, but when you add in having to feed a large group of people, it
can be even more difficult. At Ferraro’s Restaurant and Wine Bar, we know that planning a catered event can be a challenge, which is why we try to make it easier for our customers. These tips for catering a party should help you break down each step as you put together an affair that is successful and has your guests talking for a long time to come.

The Basics

As you begin planning, you need a good place to start. There are plenty of basic details that you need to have pinned down before you move on to the nitty gritty. One of the first things you need to decide is the location of your event. Will the party be inside or outside? Will the venue be casual or formal? The subsequent planning for your get-together is often based upon where the event is to be held.

Next up, you need to create your guest list and invitations. The nature of the event will determine your guest list. Is it a business celebration for a team or department for closing a deal? A 50th Birthday Party for dad? A wedding rehearsal dinner? Being selective and understanding the nature of the event can help you create a concise guest list, making the event more streamlined and executable. Next, depending on the type of event you are planning, you could elect to go with a less formal e-vite, or you may choose to have a nice invitation printed by a professional.

Ordering Food & Drink

For a catered event, the food and drink is probably the most important consideration to keep in mind. You have to think about how much storage and preparation space you will have – especially if you are throwing the event at your house – as well as how many guests will be attending. The major obstacles are minimizing waste and creating variety in choices, within reason. As you decide on food and drink options, consider the following:

  • Portion sizes: Will you serve a full meal or simple appetizers?
  • Buffet or sit-down: How will the food be served?
  • Food allergies: Will you provide alternative dishes for those with allergies?
  • Alcoholic beverages: Will you serve beer and wine only, or will you include cocktails?
  • What about options for non-alcohol drinkers?

At Ferraro’s Restaurant and Wine Bar, we provide a great selection for catered events with both buffet style menus and a la carte ordering options. Further, when you choose our venue to host your event we can offer full-service bar, open bar and beer and wine selections with pairing in mind.

Note: Ferraro’s cannot serve liquor or wine off premise, but we can offer advice and suggestions.

Choosing the Décor

Atmosphere is everything! You can create a desired atmosphere at your event with décor selection. If you are planning something formal, you may want to order full table settings and centerpieces. A casual party may require fewer, or no, decorations. Again, the purpose of the event will dictate the direction for décor.

Schedule & Flow

Many events can come unraveled because there was no logistical planning for schedule and flow. The worst thing that can happen is having people waiting around hungry or jamming into a bottlenecked space to get in line for a buffet. To prevent these from happening, create a timetable for service – cocktail hour & appetizers, dinner service, desert service, coffee and tea – leaving about an hour for each section. This allows for prep and transitional time between each portion.

For buffet style events, you’ll want to make sure that there is ample room for a line to form. Avoid
setting up the buffet line near entrances and exits, bar service or a coat check. This crisscrossing flow can become disruptive fast. Further, have a plan to bus dishes. People will be serving themselves and likely walking around with plates. That last thing you want is your atmosphere ruined with dirty plates and collecting everywhere.

Put It Together

If you put in the work, all of your efforts will be worth it. These tips can help you pull off an enjoyable event for every attendee. If you a planning a holiday catering event or any celebration in need of catering services, Ferraro’s handles both on-site and off-site catering. We can accommodate a prefixe menu, or buffet style options.


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