To celebrate its 32nd anniversary, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar invites everyone to join them this November with a special anniversary menu priced at $32.32 per person. Offered Nov. 4 through Nov. 12, the menu features three courses spotlighting the restaurant’s best-loved, authentic Italian fare.

Choice of Appetizer

  • Salsiccia Calabrese e Rapini (grilled house-made spicy sausage, broccoli rabe, infused extra virgin olive oil)
  • Calamari Fritti (fried baby squid, spicy pomodoro sauce)
  • Ferraro’s Salad (arugula, cherry tomato, pine nuts, fennel, house dressing)
  • Nonna’s Stuffed Pepper (stuffed with ground veal, eggplant, cheese, bread crumbs)
  • Insalata Mimmo (heirloom tomatoes, avocado, red onion, fresh mozzarella with a balsamic reduction)
  • Battuta al Coltello (Piedmont-style beef tartar, sun choke chips, bagna cauda crema, grated cured yoke)

 Choice of Main Course

  • Spaghetti e Polpette (house-made meatballs, tomato sauce)
  • Rigatoni Toscani (garlic, sausage, broccoli rabe, cannellini beans)
  • Lasagna alla Gino (house-made pasta, Bolognese sauce, Bechamel sauce, ricotta cheese and tomato sauce)
  • Bucatini Corti all’Amatriciana (pancetta, guanciale, onions, calabrese pepper, tomato, pecorino cheese)
  • Eggplant Parmigiana (sliced eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce)
  • Trippa Satriano (tripe in a spicy tomato sauce)
  • Vitello Marsala (vitello scaloppini, mixed mushrooms, Marsala white wine sauce)
  • Salmone Piccata (oven-roasted organic salmon, lemon, white wine, capers)
  • Pollo Parmigiana (chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce)

 For a $10 Additional Charge:

  • Osso Buco “Ferraro’s House Specialty” (veal shank braised in a Barolo veal sauce served with farro)


Ferraro’s dessert sampler

To make reservations for this exceptional anniversary experience, call (702) 364-5300.