If you’re looking for the best wine bar, Las Vegas has several to offer. It’s only fitting for one of the most visited places in the world to cater to its social and upbeat vibe. There’s no better way of doing this than having some of the best wines available to liven up the parties.

When visiting Las Vegas, don’t forget to drop by some of these highly-rated wine bars. They also offer dishes that are sure to whet your appetite. Modern American fare, classy French cuisine, and authentic and traditional Italian are only some to mention.

Don’t miss out on the best of the best drinks and food when you eat in Las Vegas. Here’s a list of some of the best wine bars in Las Vegas. Check them out and decide on which your personal favorite is.

Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Lounge

For those looking for a good glass of whiskey paired with some tasty American bites, then this place is for you. Though they aren’t that big on wine, they pride themselves on their whiskey samplers. That said, you can still order up to 50 wines by the glass, but that can’t beat their 250 whiskey list.

Many of those who drop by consider it a hidden gem situated in the heart of Vegas. From happy hours to fun evening get-togethers, Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Lounge has a lot to offer. On good days, you might get lucky enough to catch a spot on their patio – so opting for a reservation might be your best bet.

Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Las Vegas is a sight to behold, though sometimes, it might get a bit too overwhelming to some. Looking for a momentary romantic escape? Ditch the hustle and bustle of the city and drop by Ferraro’s.

This homey yet sophisticated wine bar is right up your alley, located just outside the Strip. They serve authentic Italian food, all paired with choice wines. Since they’ve opened in 1985, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar has been a pillar in the Las Vegas community.

Amazing food and wine, as well as superb service, make them stand out from their competition. With sterling reviews, they’re one of the best restaurants and wine bars you shouldn’t miss out on. Many of Las Vegas’s long-time residents keep coming back for service that’s second to none.

If you’re still looking for the best wine bar Las Vegas has to offer, drop by Ferraro’s, and you’ll definitely get your answer.

Grape Vine Cafe, Wine Bar, and Cellar

“A contemporary Californian take on Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean flair” is how Grape Vine Cafe markets itself. Located in the Lake Mead neighborhood, this wine bar was previously known as Grape Street. Though recently rebranded, it’s still one of the favorite Italian restaurants in the area.

The idyllic and cozy vibe and decor are what make Grape Vine Cafe so inviting. Their brick interior, lined with shelves of high-grade wines, seal the deal. They’re also ideal if you find yourself planning a weekend trip to Vegas on a budget.

They offer great deals during happy hour (half price for most wine glasses). With good and reasonable prices, it’s easy to see why they’re worth visiting.

Marché Bacchus

Offering great views with their outdoor seating and fancy French cuisine with an extensive wine list is Marché Bacchus. Been wanting to try luxe dishes with truffles? Then they’re the spot to visit with their truffle fries and truffle mac and cheese.

Not many Las Vegas restaurants can also boast of romantic water views right off of their patio. With the world reopening again, Las Vegas is seeing an influx of visitors. If you plan on visiting, make sure to reserve a table in advance.

Otherwise, you’ll miss out on their delicious lobster bisque. You can even buy a bottle of any of the wines you love to take home with you. Talk about top-quality service.

Hugo’s Cellar

This Steakhouse and international restaurant is another top contender on the list. Hugo’s Cellar in Four Queen’s Hotel sits right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Not only do they have some of the best steaks in the area, but also wines from all over the world.

They serve American fare, though they also offer a variety of dishes. Some even include duck and seafood like lobster and king crab. Like Ferraro’s, Hugo’s Cellar is an old-time favorite.

Its interiors are a bit moody but elegant, which makes it perfect for a romantic night in Vegas.


There’s no reason for you to wait for what people deem as the best time to visit Las Vegas. A word of advice – don’t wait until the peak season. If you’re worried you might be missing out on some seasonal fun, then simply drop by Aureole.

This amazing wine bar situated in Mandalay Bay has its roots in New York. It boasts a New American fare menu that specializes in seasonal ingredients. This means you’ll always get novel dishes made from the best and freshest of the year.

All these are phenomenally paired with wines from a four-story tower. This even includes their seasonal cocktails that use top-shelf liquor.

Vintner Grill

Don’t let the plain exterior fool you. The Vintner Grill is a hidden gem, but every bit a fine dining experience. It boasts a delightful fusion of New American and Mediterranean cuisines.

The wine selection is also top-notch, but the food you’ll be paring it with is sublime. Take your pick of the modern Mediterranean indoor seating or the luxurious outdoor cabana feel. The salmon is incredible, while desserts like apple and cheesecake are to die for.

Your Guide to the Best Wine Bar in Las Vegas

Any list of the best wine bar in Las Vegas is going to be subjective. There are some great gems out there, some hidden and others well known. From the ambiance to the quality of the food and wine selections, this city has it all.

Of course, it helps to have a go-to favorite. Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of the best choices on any list. Contact us today to make a reservation or drop by and see for yourself.