At Ferraro’s Restaurant & Wine Bar in Las Vegas, our chefs and servers want to provide the most unforgettable Italian fine dining experience to you as possible. To make that happen, not only do we offer excellent service, but even more exquisite food to pair with our award-winning wine menu.

Although our main courses are incredible standing alone, there is no dish that a wine can’t enhance. Both the dish and the wine can take on new characteristics that complement each other if paired correctly. The process of picking which wine to go with your main course may be difficult, especially with our wide variety of red wines, white wines, and Italian wines. So to make it easier for you, we’ve created an easy to follow meat and wine pairing guide featuring some of our most popular menu items!

Italian Wine Pairing Based On Meat

Typically you’ll find yourself looking through a lunch, dinner, or late night menu with a craving in mind. “Do I want beef? Seafood? Pasta?” Whatever that craving ends up being, we have the pairing match based on the Italian food for you. Italian wines are extremely food friendly and are to be enjoyed together as one compliments the other.


When it comes to beef, a variety of red wines can complement cooked beef. The earthiness and heft of our Costata di Manzo: Porcini Powder Rubbed Ribeye would pair beautifully with an Aglianico from Campania, a Sagrantino from Umbria, or a super Tuscan. The fat in this dish will stand up to the tannins in these wines.


The flavors of light seafood dishes such as our Salmone and Branzino are enhanced when paired with delicate white wines such as the Arneis from our collection of specialty Italian wines. The fish lovers delight also pairs nicely with a Vermentino. The minerality and the slight whiff of the sea pairs beautifully with the Branzino: Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass dish.


For many poultry dishes, sauces and seasonings play a pivotal role when it comes to choosing a paired wine. The Pollo al Forno: Roasted Free Range Chicken is a dish that is very versatile depending on what the customer prefers. A white wine with more body like a Chardonnay from Piemonte, a lighter style red such as a Rosso di Montalcino, or even a wine with a bit more substance such as Barbera would all pair nicely with this dish.


Some of our popular dishes are our breaded veal chop and our house speciality – veal shank, two classic red meat dishes. Ferraro’s famous Osso Buco: Braised Veal Shank is an iconic dish, enjoyed with a Barolo or Barbaresco. This dish pairs incredibly with the tannins and acidity found in the Nebbiolo grape variety.


Gamier meats such as lamb and rabbit are very versatile dishes depending on the customer. An Italian Sangiovese, Nebbiolo or the varietal Aglianico are all lovely choices to accompany one of our best dishes on the menu – our Coniglio Brasato: Braised Farm Raised Rabbit.

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