Buon Giorno, Tutti!

On May 26 at 5 p.m., join me for a journey from Mt. Etna in the south all the way up to Valpolicella in the north, as we meet again for our monthly Taste & Learn event. We will be showcasing wines from the portfolio of Johnson Brothers of Nevada, which purveys an exceptional collection of Italian wines. Our award-winning chef, Francesco DiCaudo—who is himself from Sicily’s Mt. Etna—has prepared another exceptional menu to complement the selections.

Wineries featured include Sicily’s Tornatore Winery, whose vintages are relatively new to the United States. Tornatore’s grapes benefit from the region’s ample sunshine, high elevation, fertile volcanic soil and cool Mediterranean breezes. Its wines are known for pleasant acidity, structure and complexity.

Allegrini’s vineyards, located in northern Veneto region of Valpolicella, between the romantic destinations of Verona and Lake Garda, also benefit from warm sunshine and cool breezes. Finally, we’ll visit Allegrini’s newer label, Poggio al Tesoro, from Bolgheri, a young yet prestigious wine region located on the coast of Tuscany.

The evening’s menu follows:

Tornatore Bianco


Lightly seared Atlantic mackerel, cucumber and peach

Tornatore Rosso

Prosciutto d’Anatra

Seasonal fruit, duck prosciutto salad

Allegrini, La Grola


Whole-wheat long, thin-strand pasta, Quadrello cheese fondue, lamb ragù

Poggio al Tesoro, Sondraia


Seared venison loin, dandelion greens, morels mushrooms

As you know, these events sell quickly and reservations must be made immediately! Tickets are $65, inclusive of tax and gratuity, call 702.364.5300 or click the reservation link below.


I look forward to seeing you soon…