At Ferraro’s, we believe in flavor – plain and simple. And while our authentic menu of old-world Italian dishes is the centerpiece of the Ferraro’s experience, no meal at Ferraro’s would be complete without a delicious glass of wine! Wine has a special place at the heart of Italian food culture and life, and we’re proud to continue that tradition through our extensive list of authentic Italian wines. And now, we’re adding a new dimension to our wine offerings: the Enomatic wine machine.

Enjoy Fine Wines by the Glass with the Enomatic Wine Dispenser

Plenty of restaurants serve wine by the glass, and for many wines, there’s nothing wrong with that. But for truly fine wines, serving by the glass can be difficult. A fine wine has a remarkably complex flavor profile, complete with a diverse concoction of aromas and flavors that are painstakingly balanced by the sommelier. When preserved in a corked wine bottle, these flavors can grow in depth and complexity, but the instant that bottle is opened, the bouquet starts to change – and eventually, to deteriorate. Opening a wine bottle exposes the wine to atmospheric oxygen, causing the wine to oxidize and lose the vibrancy and subtlety of its flavor.

Thanks to our new Enomatic wine dispenser, though, this isn’t a problem. The Enomatic machine was created by two Tuscan entrepreneurs to solve the problem of serving fine wines by the glass, and it takes an ingenious approach. The Enomatic houses each bottle of wine individually, connecting the bottle to a spout through a closed system and filling the bottle with nitrogen. Unlike air, nitrogen is an inert gas that won’t cause wine to oxidize, which means that the Enomatic system preserves even the subtlest flavors of a wine. With the enomatic system, we’re able to provide wines by the glass without fear of wasting a bottle by not using it fast enough. In fact, we can even sell tasting pours (1oz pours) of fine wines without concern!

The Enomatic allows us to offer fine wines in three pour sizes: 1oz, 3oz, and 5oz. 1oz pours range from $3 to $5, 3oz pours range from $9 to $15, and 5oz pours range from $15 to $25 – but no matter which size you choose, you can be sure you’re getting a world-class fine wine at the peak of its flavor. Thanks to the Enomatic wine dispenser, you can pair your Italian meal with an authentic, premium Italian wine – and you’ll never have to drink an oxidized, stale wine again.

Book a Reservation at Ferraro’s Las Vegas Italian Restaurant

Want to experience the Enomatic in action? We’d love to host you! Reserve your table at our Las Vegas fine Italian restaurant. We’ll treat you delicious meal of old-world Italian food with a modern twist, and thanks to the Enomatic, you’ll have access to some of our finest wines sold by the glass. We’re looking forward to showing you just how remarkable fine Italian food and wine can be. Make a reservation today!