Ciao, Tutti!

I’m pleased to announce our next Taste & Learn wine education and food-pairing event, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27, at 6 p.m. On this special evening, we welcome you to enjoy exceptional wines from the Piemontese winery, Braida. Like Ferraro’s, Braida is family-run and—also like Gino Ferraro, in particular—passion for superior Italian winemaking runs high.

“Braida” was the nickname of Giuseppe Bologna, the patriarch of the Bologna family and champion “pallone elastico” player—a traditional ball game played in the Piedmont and Liguria regions of Italy. Giacomo Bologna inherited both the nickname and the vineyards from his father; he and his wife Anna grew the winery and its commitment to their love of life, earth, wine and friendship.

Today, Braida’s vintners include third-generation Giuseppe Bologna, who oversees viticulture, production and vineyard acquisition. His sister, Raffaella, and brother-in-law Norbert Reinisch (an Austrian physician) are involved as the commercial manager and export director, respectively.

That evening, we will enjoy excellent wines made from the noble Nebbiolo grape, including three distinct Barberas. These wines will, of course, be joined by our award-winning (and opinionated!) Chef Francesco’s imaginative pairings. You won’t want to miss this menu!

Nascetta, Langhe Bianco, 2016


Yellowtail, papaya, rosemary (cipollotto e sesame)

Barbera, Braida, Montebruna, 2016

Tonno di Coniglio

Rabbit prepared like “tuna in oil,” fennel, radish (mandorle e aromi)

Barbera, Braida, Bricco dell’ Uccellone, 2015


Half-moon beet ravioli, Piedmont cheese sauce

Barbera, Braida, Bricco della Bigotta, 2015

Maiale Arrosto

Roasted pork loin, red cabbage, mustard seed (mushrooms, plums)

We look forward to seeing you later this month. Seats are extremely limited, so be sure to reserve immediately. Cost is just $65 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. Call us at (702) 364-5300 or click this link today. 

Until then, I bid you Salute!