Ciao, Tutti!

You are in for an extraordinary experience in November when we will host a memorable dinner to celebrate white truffle season. This special evening will take place on Friday, Nov. 30, at 6:30 p.m. and will be held instead of our November Taste & Learn event. You won’t want to miss the chance to indulge in a full menu spotlighting the world’s best truffles, which we have imported all the way from Alba, Italy.

Italian white truffles are widely regarded as the most exquisite of all truffles. Their season runs typically from late October to late December. Truffles grow in the wild, where they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with mature oak, beech and hazelnut trees, from which they draw carbohydrates while growing underground. For this reason, truffles cannot be cultivated. That fact, together with their unmistakably rich and umami-filled flavor, makes truffles a universally rare and sought-after ingredient.

On this night, you’ll indulge in four distinctive courses, each incorporating white truffles prepared by the award-winning Chef Francesco DiCaudo. These plates will be accompanied by wine selections from the Piedmont region of Italy. Our full menu follows:

  • Broglia, Gavi, La Meirana, 2017, paired with Gambero Rosso (Mediterranean prawns, hazelnuts and shaved bitter chocolate)
  • Barolo, Paolo Scavino, 2013, paired with Raviolo Bergese (runny egg yolk raviolo, spinach & ricotta filling, porcini mushrooms, and Reggiano cheese)
  • Barolo, Garretti, La Spinetta, 2012, paired with Cervo (venison loin, potato-squash pave and peppery berry sauce)
  • Barolo, Campé, La Spinetta, 2012, paired with Formaggi (Piedmont cheese plate, jam, and honey)

Friends, this dinner is truly special and space is extremely limited. The price for this evening will be $250 per person—with such exquisite wines and white truffles incorporated into each dish, I know you’ll agree it’s worth every cent. Make your reservations today! Call 702.364.5300 or click here.