Ferraro’s Ristorante, renowned for its commitment to culinary excellence, cordially invites connoisseurs of fine dining to an unparalleled evening of extravagance. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 13th, at 6 p.m., when the opulent world of truffles comes alive in a decadent soirée like no other.

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as we introduce you to our special Truffle Dinner. This isn’t just any dinner; it’s a flavorful exploration of the world of truffles, featuring both the famous Italian white truffles from Alba and the prized black truffles.

The star of the evening is the Italian white truffle, celebrated for its rare aroma and distinctive flavor. These truffles will add a special touch to each dish, enhancing your dining experience.

Italian white truffles are a wonder of nature, only available from October to late December. They grow in harmony with oak, beech, and hazelnut trees, hidden beneath the ground, absorbing the flavors of their surroundings. This natural process makes each truffle unique and highly sought after by those who appreciate their exceptional taste.

Our menu is carefully crafted to showcase the magic of Italian white truffles while also featuring the earthy goodness of black truffles. Each dish is thoughtfully paired with fine wines to complement the flavors.

This Five-Course Menu includes:

Guidobono Segretevigne

Arancini di Porcini

Lightly fried porcini mushroom rice dumplings with a creamy Parmigiano sauce and a hint of black truffle

Lodali Lorens Chardonnay

Uovo tra le Nuvole

A fluffy egg soufflé served with vegetable purée, a crispy crouton, Parmigiano, and a touch of black truffle

Lodali 7 Fratelli Barbaresco

Tagliatelle al Burro

Homemade ribbon-like pasta served with French butter and a generous topping of white truffle

Lodali Lorens Barolo


Prime Striploin with a hazelnut sauce, accompanied by potato and asparagus, crowned with white truffle


Gelato di Nocciola

Italian hazelnut ice cream served alongside chocolate cake, hazelnuts, and a dash of black truffle

This exclusive event offers a relaxed yet flavorful evening that you won’t want to miss.

Tickets for this special truffle dinner are priced at $245 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. Seating is limited, so be sure to make a reservation by calling (702) 364-5300.

Join us for a memorable dining experience, savor the unique flavors of white and black truffles, and indulge in an evening of great food at Ferraro’s Ristorante. We look forward to hosting you!