Italian food isn’t just a cuisine that almost nine in ten Americans love. It’s also cited as the worldwide favorite. People all across the globe love pasta, pizza, and other lesser-known authentic Italian dishes that serve as comfort food and palette cleansers.

Here, we’re going to talk about how you can discover authentic Italian dishes in Las Vegas. Read on to spruce up your vacation with a romantic dinner, social night out with friends, or solo treat.

What to Look for When Seeking Authentic Italian Food

Discovering quality Italian food in Las Vegas means knowing what to look for.

Prioritizing authentic recipes and fresh ingredients is the most important step toward finding a fine dining venue. Make sure that you select a restaurant that prides itself on using premium authentic ingredients and all-natural meats. Finding handmade pasta is also an important step as it has a different, better texture than boxed or frozen alternatives.

A family-owned and operated restaurant is the best choice for an acclaimed dining experience. They pride themselves on recipes that mean a lot to them, and family-run locations like Ferraros carry on long traditions of old family recipes. Passion for Italian culture and quality chef training are important for those looking for a top-notch meal.

Look over a restaurant’s official website for information and photos. Read online reviews. This will ensure that the restaurant you select meets the above criteria.

Traditional Italian Recipes You’ll Love

Ferraro’s offers hand-rolled pasta, fresh-prepared meats, and straight-from-the-farm produce that makes our simple recipes great. A commitment to great service and happy diners means a large menu filled with delicious authentic recipes, so there are several options to consider after making a reservation.

We offer both lunch and dinner menus to sate your appetite at any time of the day. Tasting menus and vegan options are also available.


Antipasti appetizers are an important part of any Italian menu.

Deep-fried Calamari Fritti is a flavorful traditional dish served with spicy mustard while Vitello Tonnaro is a delicious thinly sliced roasted veal with tuna sauce, capers, and lemon. These lunch appetizers are delicious but only make up a small portion of the menu.

Dinner antipasti includes things like Nonna’s Peperone Ripieno made from ground veal, eggplant, Parmigiano Reggiano, and topped with breadcrumbs. Prosciutto Crudo, Melone, e Stracciatella is a flavorful dumpling dish made with seasonal fresh melon and hazelnuts.

Don’t forget to try some classic Italian soups, too. Pasta e Faglioli is made with fresh beans at Ferraro’s, and cheese tortellini in Capon broth is another great menu option for pasta enthusiasts.

Pizzas and Salads

Pizza is a core part of our lunch menu that many Las Vegas diners enjoy.

You can of course experience fresh Margherita pizza in its finest form, but classics like Salsicca e Rapini (topped with sausages and rapini are excellent options as well. We also have a unique white ‘Bianca’ pizza made with multiple cheese types, prosciutto, and truffle oil.

Pizza lunches pair well with the salads that are also available at dinnertime. Options include classic Caesar salad, Ferraro’s special mixed spring salad with 4-Foglie balsamic dressing, and Insalata Mimmo that includes avocado as well as heirloom tomatoes and red onions.

Authentic Pasta Dishes

Pasta is at the heart of any good authentic Italian restaurant. Our “best pasta” is our Rigatoni Spilinga. It features a house-made spicy sausage and caciocavallo cheese for a complex, full-bodied flavor.

However, this is far from our only fresh, made-from-scratch pasta dish. Gnocci, Tre Colori is made with soft, delicate potato dumplings that melt in your mouth with pachino tomatoes, spinach puree, and ricotta salata. Lasagna alla Gino with Bechamel sauce and Pappardelle Mimmo seafood pasta are also amazingly unique choices.

For a delicious vegetarian dish, consider our Tagliatelle Funghi e Tartufo Nero. This pasta dish is made with several fresh mushroom varieties, including porcini, black truffles, and other mixed mushrooms. Thyme and parmigiana cheese complete the decadent ensemble.


Dessert is another important part of Italian cuisine. Tiramisu is a classic that never goes out of style, and Nutella/cheese crepes with a hint of zesty orange are complex and full-bodied treats.

You may also enjoy hazelnut chocolate cake, vanilla cheesecake, and made-in-house Italian Gelato. This creamy treat is an excellent way to complete any meal.

Ways to Enjoy the Best Italian Cuisine

Most Las Vegas visitors looking for fine dining will want to enjoy their traditional Italian fare inside Ferraro’s dining room. This is a great choice because the food will be as fresh and delicious as possible.

You can also enjoy a relaxing and elegant ambiance during your Las Vegas fine dining experience. It’s a great way to share a sophisticated meal with friends or enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner.

However, we also offer a take-out menu if you’re in a time crunch. You can enjoy your favorite Italian food and wine at home when you pick it up from our restaurant. There is a full menu of delicious ala carte dishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find a recipe that stands out.

Catering is also available for large events like weddings, corporate outings, and family reunions. If you’re getting a group together, classic Italian food is a great way to make the gathering memorable.

Wine tastings also make for great romantic outings or memorable group activities.

While you can enjoy a bottle of wine at our tables or take one home, we also offer special four-course wine-tasting events where you learn food pairings for red, white, and rose wines. These ticketed events are ideal for both Las Vegas residents and visitors, so make sure to book a limited spot ASAP if you’re interested in a unique experience.

Visit Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant ASAP

Now that you know the ins and outs of authentic Italian cuisine at Ferraro’s Restaurant, it’s time to begin looking for delicious eats in Las Vegas.

We’ve offered traditional family recipes to our guests since 1985 and are committed to helping you connect with both others in your party and the culinary world around you. Make a reservation today so you can begin looking forward to a top-notch lunch or dinner experience.