Italian food is the most popular cuisine in the world. There’s no wonder why; traditional Italian food provides one of the best ratios of variety to flavor in the world. 

Between the pasta, the bread, the meat, the fish, and the many wonderful types of sauce (or gravy if you ask an Italian) there’s something for everyone. 

But if you’re not Italian yourself, you might not understand Italian food names or the complete Italian food list. This article will walk you through ten of the greatest benefits of eating Italian food and teach you some things about the world’s greatest cuisine along the way. 

1. The Bread

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of eating out at an Italian restaurant is the bread course. The magic of this type of eating experience is that no matter how much bread you’ll eat, you’ll always have room left for whatever other food order. 

When you eat at a high-quality Italian restaurant like Ferraro’s, you’ll get house-made bread. There’s no way to compete with a nice hot loaf of housemade Italian bread. The bread at Ferraro’s comes with olive oil and garlic, which makes for a wonderful, classy dipping experience.

But don’t eat all of your bread before the rest of your food arrives. You’ll want to dip your bread in some of the sauce you have leftover from one of the other amazing menu items. 

2. The Olive Oil

Are you aware that tons of olive oil on the market is fake? Because of this, non-Italians often wonder what the big deal about olive oil is. Sure, it makes certain things taste nice, but is it worth freaking out over? 

The answer is absolutely! 

Anyone who isn’t constantly freaking out how great olive oil is probably hasn’t tasted real olive oil. However, when you go to a great Italian restaurant, you’re going to be introduced to olive oil’s true majesty. 

3. The Wine

It’s also tough to beat a real high-quality Italian wine.

Head back up to the menu linked earlier and check out Ferraro’s award-winning wine list. On it, you’ll find a letter from the owners about the wine served at Ferraro’s. If you’re a true wine connoisseur, you’ll love to know the information that’s on there. 

Anyone, however, can appreciate the extensive wine list and the featured wines of the month. 

4. The Culture 

When you attend a contemporary Italian restaurant, you don’t just come for the good — you come for the culture. Ferraro’s is full of sleek and modernist decor. It’s not just a place to go to eat — it’s a place for conversation, to conduct business, a place to be seen. 

Ferraro’s comes with many rooms, designed to meet the demands of your individual dining experience. If you come with a large party, you may well get put in The Greve or The Castellini to enjoy your meal with only your friends. Or, you might get put outside in a warmer month on the patio. 

5. The Variety

Italian food isn’t all pizza and pasta. A quick visit to the “dinner” section of the menu will reveal just how many wonderful options you have. 

If you’re a fish lover or pescatarian, why not go with the Branzino? The Branzino is a traditional Italian meal — a grilled Mediterranean sea bass that you’ll never forget. 

Or, if you love meat, why not go with the Flat Iron Steak? Many people don’t realize that you can get an amazing cut of classic meat at an Italian restaurant. The steak comes with roasted rosemary potatoes and asparagus, so you know you’re going to satisfy your hunger. 

Obviously, there are many types of pasta as well. You can get yours with meat, vegetables, fish, or even try Ferraro’s housemade paleo pasta. 

6. The Dessert  

Just as famous as the entree options on an authentic Italian menu is the dessert. At a great Italian restaurant, you can bite into an authentic piece of tiramisu, a privilege you most likely won’t find anywhere else. 

You can also end your night with a bit of Italian Gelato or Sorbetto. These options are — like so many things — made in-house at Ferraro’s, and come in flavors of the day. 

Don’t hesitate to get adventurous, as well. The crepes, cookies, and Formaggio are also delicious.

7. The Experience

One of the best parts of dining at a great Italian restaurant is just how wonderful it feels after the fact.

There are a ton of wonderful things about dining at an Italian restaurant — too many to process or count. It all adds up into a cocktail of an amazing experience to brag about to your friends.

After you’ve dined at a great Italian restaurant, you feel as though you’ve lived a bit. Just like that bit of wisdom, you gain after reading a classic book, spending the night at the theater, or taking a vacation out of the country, eating at a great Italian restaurant is one of those things that’s just good for your soul. 

Italian Food Has More Benefits For Your Buck

When you eat Italian food at a great Italian restaurant, you gain a whole host of benefits beyond tasting a wonderful cuisine. The homemade bread, authentic olive oil, high-quality wine, beautiful decor, diverse entrees, unique desert, and all-around experience makes it no wonder why people prefer Italian food to anything else. 

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