White truffle season comes to Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar with a special five-course dinner and wine pairing on Friday, Nov. 12 from 6:30 – 10 p.m. during which guests will savor one of the season’s most indulgent ingredients—Italian white truffles.

Italian white truffles are widely regarded as the most exquisite of all truffles. Their season runs typically from late October to late December. Truffles grow in the wild, where they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with mature oak, beech and hazelnut trees, from which they draw carbohydrates while growing underground. For this reason, truffles cannot be cultivated. That fact, together with their unmistakably rich and umami-filled flavor, makes truffles a universally rare and sought-after ingredient.

The full menu follows:

Erbaluce, Iris, Tiziano Mazzoni, ‘19

Croquette di Patate

Potato and gorgonzola croquette, peach coulis, truffle cream, fresh white truffles

Langhe Rosso, Rossoluna, Fratelli Alessandria, ‘18

Carne Battuta

Beef tartare, hazelnuts, Parmigiano Reggiano cream, crostini, fresh white truffles

Barolo, Ginestra, Diego Conterno, ‘16

Tajarin e Porcini

30-yolk thin pasta, porcini, butter, hazelnuts, fresh white truffles

Barolo, Prapo, Luigi Vico, Serralunga, ‘16

Vitello e Midollo Osseo

Veal loin, beef bone marrow, butter, sage, demi truffle potato purée, fresh white truffles



Doughnut, hazelnut cream, truffle maple syrup

The cost for dinner is $225++ per person. Credit card required upon reservations. No cancellations due to limited seating. To make reservations, please call (702) 364-5300.