At Ferraro’s, we work hard to craft authentic Italian food from recipes born in the old country. But when we say “authentic,” what are we really talking about? Italian cuisine is one of the world’s most revered food cultures, and that means Italian restaurants exist almost anywhere in the world – but not all Italian food is created equal. So as a Las Vegas Italian restaurant that strives to be faithful to the spirit of true Italian cuisine, we’d like to highlight a few key characteristics of authentic Italian food.

What You Should Know About Authentic Italian Cuisine

We all know that some Italian restaurants are better than others. But what makes an Italian place truly “authentic?” At Ferraro’s, Gino & Rosalbo Ferraro understand authentic Italian as a matter of family heritage, and there are a few important things that identify authentic Italian food:

  1. It’s About Quality: Italian recipes may be delicious, but they’re rarely very complicated. Most traditional Italian dishes use only a handful of ingredients. What makes them work is a serious focus on the quality of the ingredients: a dish like a Caprese salad tastes so good because it’s made from authentic extra virgin olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, fresh-picked basil, and genuine buffalo mozzarella (instead of cow’s milk mozzarella). With such flavorful ingredients, there’s no need to dress them up too much.
  2. Portions Are Balanced: While many people picture dishes covered in cheese and sauce, authentic Italian food uses every ingredient with care. Italian recipes are about balancing out the different ingredients so they all come out in the dish, which means cheese is usually a garnish and sauces are applied sparingly.
  3. It’s Mostly Vegetarian: While Italy is famous for its meats, Italian food uses many more plants than animals. Italy sits in the middle of the Mediterranean, so Italians ate a vegetable-heavy diet with occasional fish and minimal meat. In reality, the authentic Italian diet is closer to the Mediterranean diet than to what you’ll find in many American Italian restaurants.
  4. Pasta Made On the Premise Daily: This is a must! At Ferraro’s, we understand the importance of fresh and authentic ingredients and that starts with the pasta. We make our pasta fresh every day and you can taste the quality in every one of our dishes.
  5. Natural Meats: For all non-fish and vegetarian dishes, it’s important that all the meat used is natural, fresh, and of the highest quality.


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These facts may run counter to what many people picture when they think of Italian cuisine, but they’re key to understanding what separates authentic Italian food from lower-quality imitations. At Ferraro’s, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding these differences and many more, which is why every dish on our expansive menu is painstakingly crafted to be faithful to the old world recipes – with a couple of modern twists, of course. Want to experience true authentic Italian? We’d love to serve you: book a reservation online at Ferraro’s today!