With summer in full swing, we’re busy soaking up the sun from patios, poolsides, and outdoor gardens while sipping fine wine. At Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, we believe that the simple pleasures of fine dining and wine sipping add elegance and charm to any season. That’s why we’re committed to serving the highest quality Italian cuisine alongside our collection of fine wines. Whether you’re looking for an excellent summer wine to help you relax after a vacation, or the perfect wine to serve at your elegant dinner party, here are a few of our favorite summer wines to please any palate.


This bright, perfumed and expressive red wine features a striking combination of aromatic intensity and structure that offers an incredible sensation. With notes of rose petal, chocolate, and licorice, tobacco and leather are the main aromas of this bold wine. Pair it with steak, sausage, duck or pork.


One of Italy’s oldest wines, Barbera is a red that is simultaneously rich and light-bodied. It features light tannins with a high acidic content, bringing out flavors of cherry, plum, vanilla, and blackberry, with a slightly-spiced herbal palate. Barbera pairs well with herbs, rich meat, mushrooms, and root vegetables.


The Chianti region is central to Tuscany, Italy, and is where Chianti wine gets its name. Blueberries, chocolate, licorice, and leather are the main notes of this powerful red wine. The high tannins create an earthy and rustic mouthfeel, but the versatility makes it truly special. Pair Chianti with red meats, rabbit, venison and pasta with red sauce.

Super Tuscan

Super Tuscan is a term that describes different red wines from Tuscany, or a blend made with non-indigenous grapes—Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah. These full-bodied wines complement rich, meaty fish, pasta with cheese sauce, mushrooms, tangy tomato dishes, and bitter greens.

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