6.5 out of every 1,000 people got married in 2018. Getting married is a big thing to get excited about, but having a bachelorette party is another great thing to celebrate. Having a private dinner is a wonderful way to experience the great food that Las Vegas has to offer. 

But where should you start? How can you plan such a luxurious dinner? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

Pick the Right Restaurant

If you want to plan the perfect private dinner for a bachelorette party, you need to choose the right restaurant. Las Vegas is home to countless wonderful restaurants, but not all of them are the best choices for your party. Some might not be equipped with banquet rooms for private events. 

Some might not have the right atmosphere or the right menu. This is why it is important to do your research beforehand. Check out what kinds of restaurants are in the area and narrow down your choices based on what you think will be a good choice for your party

It’s hard to go wrong with an Italian restaurant. Most people enjoy Italian food, and there are many options to choose from. There are also many Italian restaurants in and around the Las Vegas Strip, such as Ferraro’s Ristorante. 

Going to a high-quality Italian restaurant gives you and your guests the chance to taste real, authentic Italian food. You will find far more than spaghetti at such a restaurant. You will instead be enchanted by pasta with pesto sauce, beautiful plates of gnocchi, lasagna, and more. 

The appetizers and desserts are just as enchanting.

The Details

There are plenty of options for soups and salads to whet your appetite before going in for the main course. If you’re looking for something more typical, you can also get an Italian pizza. 

These pizzas are made with high-quality tomato sauce, herbs, and a variety of toppings. The smell alone will make your mouth water. The dough used for the pasta and bread is made from carefully selected ingredients before it is all blended together. 

Some of the desserts include chocolate hazelnut cake, panna cotta, and crepes. You will also find traditional Italian cookies and tiramisu. Choosing an Italian restaurant is perfect for satisfying a large list of guests. 

The atmosphere of such a restaurant is also very luxurious and high-class. 

Choosing the Right Drinks

You can’t have a wonderful dinner without having an equally wonderful wine list to go along with it. There will be no shortage of wine when you go to an Italian restaurant like Ferraro’s Ristorante. Italians take their wine very seriously. 

Ferraro’s Ristorante is famous for its award-winning wine list. This makes it a perfect choice for any wine lovers in your group. It is still a good choice if you don’t know much about wine. 

This is because the beverages that are available on this list are much higher quality than you’ll find anywhere else. Pairing wine with your food is very important. This is because the flavors in a glass of wine can make the flavors in your food stand out.

Wine enhances any dining experience. The flavors of your food will become far more interesting, and you might discover flavors you never noticed before. You can also learn to appreciate wine at the same time. 

What You Need to Know

Some of the wines you can try include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and more. Most of the wines are from Italy, but you will also find many from France and Germany. 

If you prefer wine from the United States, there are also options for that too. Each bottle of wine will have a different story to tell based on its origin, the grapes it uses, and so on. Some wines go better with certain types of food than others. 

White wine pairs perfectly with lighter foods like fish and chicken. Red wine is heavier and pairs better with savory steaks, tomato sauce, and so on. Understanding how to pair wine with food will enhance the flavor experience of your private dinner event. 

The restaurant you choose may help you choose the best wine recommendations for your meal too.

Choosing the Right Menu for Your Guests

Some people have dietary restrictions. It is important to understand these restrictions before you choose a menu. What if some of your guests are vegan? 

If you choose Ferraro’s Ristorante, you won’t have to worry. This is because they have a whole section of their menu dedicated to vegan courses. This ensures that your vegan guests won’t be left out. 

Some of the vegan options include eggplant parmesan and polenta with mushrooms. There are also plenty of options for salads, risotto, and pasta. But what if your guests have other dietary restrictions?

What if they can’t eat dairy or gluten? There are still plenty of things they can eat, such as delicious red meat, fish, or poultry. Once you add up everyone’s dietary restrictions, you can start to put together the perfect menu for your event. 

Choosing a wine list to go with your menu will be the cherry on top. 

Planning a Private Dinner in Las Vegas

Planning a private dinner for a bachelorette party in Las Vegas is easy once you choose the right restaurant. An Italian restaurant is a great choice. Such a restaurant will have a wide variety of different foods and wines for everyone to enjoy. 

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