As residents and concerned citizens of Las Vegas, we respectfully petition the local authorities to suspend the planning and implementation of the proposed Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024, slated to take place in our city from November 21-23, 2024. We advocate for a responsible and non-disruptive strategy for hosting the event that does not necessitate the closure of the Las Vegas Strip. Until such measures are established, we urge the Clark County Commission to refrain from granting a Special Use Permit or Event Permit.

Reasons for Petition:

  1. Adverse Impact on Local Businesses: Despite claims of economic benefits, the hosting of the Las Vegas Grand Prix has a detrimental effect on small businesses, strip employees, and transportation firms. These entities experience significant revenue losses, reduced foot traffic, and operational disruptions during the event period.

  2. Traffic Congestion and Disruption: The closure of the Resort Corridor and the construction of a bridge at Flamingo and Koval disrupt the normal flow of transportation in our city. This disruption inconveniences residents, presents logistical challenges for tourists, employees, and public transportation, and leads to financial losses for businesses.

  3. Community Input and Transparency: The decision to host such a large-scale event should involve transparent communication and active engagement from the community. However, the absence of meaningful consultation with residents and stakeholders raises concerns about accountability and the democratic process.

In conclusion, we urge the authorities to acknowledge our concerns and take immediate action to suspend the organization of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The well-being of our city and the interests of its residents must always be prioritized.

To learn more, watch Mimmo Ferraro, Owner of Ferraro’s, as he discusses the petition in an interview with the Las Vegas KSNV News Team.

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