The keto diet has become a fast favorite for its ability to trigger weight loss while allowing dieters to keep eating indulgent diets full of meat and fat, and while Italian food may seem like the antithesis to any diet regimen, keto is different. As it turns out, there are many keto-friendly Italian dishes you can still enjoy even while on the weight loss path. At Ferraro’s, we’re proud to craft delicious, authentic Italian food inspired by Old World recipes – and there are a number of keto-friendly items on our extensive menu.

Keto-Friendly Foods at Our Italian Restaurant

Looking for a way to indulge while still keeping up with your keto diet? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few favorites from our menu that are perfectly ok for followers of the keto diet regimen:

  • Salmone in Salsa Fresca: This delicious lunch features seared salmon in an authentic Italian sauce, and it’s perfect for those on keto.
  • Polipo Siciliano: For an under-the-sea keto treat, this dish of tasty marinated Mediterranean octopus can’t be beaten.
  • Ferraro: This colorful and varied salad is an excellent option for lighter keto-friendly fare.
  • Petto di Pollo: The simplicity of this seared chicken breast is its strength, and so long as you hold the butternut squash, you can enjoy this simple pleasure on a keto diet.
  • Osso Buco: Our house specialty, this delectable cut of veal shank is a heart, flavorful blast of protein – just replace the farro with grilled vegetables and enjoy.
  • Coniglio Brasato: Perhaps the best dish on our menu, our superb braised rabbit is a keto-friendly delicacy.

Book a Reservation with Your Las Vegas Italian Restaurant

These are just a few of the keto-friendly Italian dishes on our menu, and we’re happy to work with you to help you order a meal that features the best of Italian cuisine in a keto-friendly arrangement. Ready to see how good life can be on the keto diet? Book a reservation online for lunch or dinner at our Las Vegas Italian restaurant. We can’t wait to show you the magic of true, authentic Italian food – keto-style!