If you’re looking to head off to Las Vegas on your next adventure, you’re far from alone. In fact, the Vegas Strip is listed as the world’s single most popular tourist destination.

The number of awesome people visiting means that you can have a ridiculously fun trip getting to know people. However, it also means that you need to be smart and savvy when planning your trip to Vegas months in advance. Read on to learn how you can get ready for the vacation of a lifetime to Sin City!

Create an Agenda

Visiting Las Vegas is a dream come true, but you don’t want to stay for too long. Most people stay for 3-5 days in the tourism capital of the world.

You don’t want to stay too long since gambling is likely a highlight of your trip. If you spend three days playing at the casinos, you’ll have had an experience while still not blowing all of your money. Limit yourself to three casino days.

If you want to stay longer, this is totally possible. Just make sure that you spend the remaining time hitting up other attractions. Trying a famous Italian restaurant Las Vegas style or visiting an aquarium for a day is a great way to make the most of your time while saving money.

Set a Budget for Your Trip

Just as hitting up a casino for too long can be disastrous, your Vegas dream can also become a nightmare if you don’t set a budget. Make sure that you allocate funds for your flight, hotel, and restaurant experiences before adding money to your gambling pool.

You also should research Vegas attractions besides casinos and budget for those. Put some cash aside to explore Fremont street or the Neon Boneyard. See a show and experience the nightlife.

You might also think about renting a car and driving to the Grand Canyon for a day. It’s only a 3-hour drive from Vegas and you really only need a day to take that trip. Surround yourself with natural wonders, restore your energy, and go back to gaming tables and flashing lights the next day.

Once you have all of these experiences budgeted out, you can then allocate the rest of your funds for gambling. Don’t overdo it.

Remember that while you’re likely to win some money at the gaming tables, you probably are going to lose even more. Casino money is entertainment money above all else.

Find a Flight and Hotel

Now that you have a budget, it’s time to get hyped! You can start planning the logistics of your trip.

First of all, you need to make sure that everyone is still on board with your Vegas trip. You need to invite all the right people to make the trip a fantastic time.

Vegas isn’t the kind of tourist destination that you want to tackle alone. It also isn’t somewhere you want to go with little kids or with parents that might judge you harshly. You want to invite a group of friends- maybe 3-5 people. You also can plan a couple’s trip for two if that’s how you roll.

Sit down with those you’re going with and tackle the budget together. Think about how much you’re willing to spend individually, but also consider how much you’re going to pool for group expenses. Unless you all plan to waste money with the same hotel room, this constitutes a group expense.

Think about how long you’ll be in Vegas and disperse your funds evenly across this time. Be careful that you allocate money daily rather than for the entire trip. If you don’t, you might wind up spending it all on day one and being left in the dust later.

Make Fine Dining Reservations

No matter what else you choose to do on your trip, you need to eat. That may sound obvious, but a lot of people forget to add dining expenses to their budget.

When you’re in Vegas, you’ll want to experience the delicious dining options that the city has to offer. You don’t want to waste what could be a unique once-in-a-lifetime dinner on fast food due to poor planning.

Make sure that you look into fine dining options near you. Make reservations in advance. This will ensure that you have a place in the restaurant.

No matter what other restaurants you try, Italian fine dining is a must in Vegas. It’s home to some of the best authentic Italian dishes. Our chefs are happy to use our family’s many years of experience to put authentic homestyle meals on your table.

The hearty and delicious ingredients are extremely versatile. Whether you want to have a lasagne, risotto, or antipasti, our chefs are here to serve you.

Choose Your Casino Entertainment

Fine dining is one of the best forms of entertainment, but this is Vegas! No Vegas trip would be complete without a little gambling before (or after) dinner.

While you and your travel mates could just bump around Vegas until you find a casino that looks appealing, it’s best to do some research and decide on destinations beforehand. This will let you find venues that have quality games, offer multiple poker rooms, and have overall high rates of winning.

Some casinos like the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay offer other amenities. You can get a massage, see live entertainment (both adult and all-ages-friendly), drink fine cocktails, and in some cases even dip your feet in a pool. 

The possibilities are nearly limitless!

Get Hyped for Your Trip to Vegas

Now that you know how to plan your trip to Vegas, it’s time to get started. Make a reservation for fine Italian dining in this gorgeous city.

A delicious meal is essential between your days of exploring and your nights at the gambling tables, so don’t skimp out. Make sure that you book the best couples or group dining options well in advance. Since we’re committed to helping make your trip memorable, comfortable, and delicious, we look forward to getting in touch.