Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar introduces an array of new seasonal dishes for fall along with an elegantly updated interior design.

Conceived by award-winning Executive Chef Francesco DiCaudo, the fall menu selections incorporate new appetizers, pasta, risottos, and main courses. Meanwhile, guests can still enjoy all Ferraro’s classic homemade pasta, famous osso buco, superior steaks, and other beloved traditional dishes.

Cooler weather brings delicious recipes and the best fall ingredients to Ferraro’s,” explained Gino Ferraro, owner, Ferraro’s. “Our Chef Francesco DiCaudo has added an array of characteristically imaginative, yet also comforting, new dishes to our menu and we look forward to your visit.

Highlights of the new menu additions follow:

  • Mozzarella in Carrozza –  Neapolitan fried Bufala mozzarella sandwich, tomato marmalade, anchovy dressing
  • Burrata – Apulia cheese, roasted spicy carrot, dehydrated-pickle grapes, sorrel pesto, hazelnut-citrus vinaigrette
  • Branzino – Grilled Mediterranean seabass, sweet potato, porcini mushroom, spinach, fig-guanciale jus
  • Raviolini  – Di Ciccio broccoli and Caciocavallo cheese small-pocket ravioli, lupini beans, Nduja-mussel sauce
  • Tonnarelli  – Cacio e Pepe, Mediterranean prawn tartare, bergamot
  • Risotto Zucca – Acquerello risotto, butternut squash, gorgonzola cheese, chestnut honey, 12-year old aged balsamic drops

To make reservations at the newly updated Ferraro’s, click here or call (702) 364-5300.