There are over 4,000 restaurants in Las Vegas, making it the destination with the most restaurants per capita anywhere in the United States. Can you remember the name of the second-best restaurant in the city? 

We didn’t think so! At Ferraro’s Ristorante Las Vegas, we go out of our way to prepare the best Italian food Las Vegas has to offer. You won’t find fresher or more authentic dishes anywhere else, on or off the strip. 

If you’re stopping into Ferraro’s for the ultimate Italian fine dining experience, we want to ensure you know what to expect. With our recommendations, the fresh flavor of our signature dishes will be one of the most memorable parts of your visit. Sip from our world-class wine menu, and you’ll quickly understand why we’re the top Italian restaurant in the region. 

You deserve the best meal that Vegas has to offer. Read on to discover the elements that made Ferraro’s number one. 

It Starts With the Ingredients

Las Vegas has established itself as a destination for Italian cuisine, with professional pizzaiolos slicing up 70,000 pizzas each year. With so many options, standing out amongst the competition has to be about more than curb appeal. Ferraro’s always uses the highest-quality ingredients to help set our dishes apart. 

Most Italian restaurants in Vegas can’t boast hand-rolled pasta. At Ferraro’s, we make ours fresh, using authentic southern Italian techniques inspired by the finest chefs in Italia. 

Our menu has the dishes you love prepared using wild-caught fish, whole animals, and hand-picked produce. Our chefs keep colors, textures, and traditional flavors at the forefront as they plan the seasonal menu. We’ve dedicated ourselves to innovation over stagnation, so don’t expect the same menu twice. 

An Award-Winning Glass of Wine

If you order a glass of wine at Ferraro’s Ristorante, you’ll be sipping one of the finest varietals in the world. We’re proud of our traditionally made selection of Nebbiolo wine. Our list features wines from some of the best wineries in Italy, including Emidio Pepe, Soldera Brunello, Biondi Santi Brunello, and Bertani Amarone. 

We have over 40 selections from Angelo Gaja alone. We even offer Cascina Francia and Monfortino, Giacomo Conterno wines said to be the best on earth. 

Experts have chosen our wines to pair with our distinct Italian flavors, bringing out their freshness and simplicity. Unlike other local Italian eateries, we don’t rely on excessive garlic to bring you a memorable meal. The ingredients and authentic processes do the talking, and the wines on our list bring out the subtle notes in every dish. 

Our wine experts are eager to help customers find the perfect match for their meal. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a first-timer, you’ll be at home at Ferraro’s. 

Leave the Menu to Us

At some Las Vegas restaurants, dispassionate servers leave you to your own devices. There’s no need to pour over a menu at Ferraro’s. We welcome our guests like family, and we’ll treat you like a treasured guest. 

When you arrive at a family gathering, Nonna doesn’t make you pick from a list. At Ferraro’s, we ask you to trust our chefs to curate the perfect spread of fresh, delicious Southern Italian fare. We will craft the ideal culinary experience for our customers, ensuring everyone enjoys a tantalizing taste journey from the antipasto course to dessert. 

We can promise that hospitality is always on the menu. Our friendly, professional servers ensure prompt service and hot, fresh dishes throughout the evening. Our happiest customers report feeling as if they were eating at a beloved friend’s home in Italy. 

If you have special dietary restrictions, there’s no need to worry. Ferraro’s offers a full Vegan menu, including appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, and flavorful main courses. 

Palettes in Progress

Gold-star service is about more than promptness. We want to forge relationships with our customers, helping them grow as confident consumers. That’s why we offer programs like our monthly Taste & Learn event, in which guests have the opportunity to learn about our wines, as well as the art and science of pairing. 

Plus, we are a local, family-run business and do what we can to give back to the community. Our prix fixe Restaurant Week menu is an opportunity to sample our finest selections while supporting the Three Square Food Bank. During this celebration of food and community, we invite guests to choose from a four-course menu featuring some of our most popular flavors. 

Whatever you do, don’t get comfortable! Our hard-working professional chefs are innovative creatives. They take inspiration from the flavors of different regions of Italy.

Our regional menu series spotlights dishes you haven’t seen before. This way, guests can develop their understanding of the various cuisines throughout beautiful Italia. We hope your appreciation of our offerings will improve as you experience these exciting new offerings.  

The Finest Italian Food Las Vegas Has to Offer

Our customer’s quest for the most authentic dining experience is what made Ferraro’s Ristorante the best Italian food in Las Vegas. Again and again, satisfied diners have returned to our tables to find their new favorite hot, fresh, hand-crafted dish. Once you’ve enjoyed a meal at Ferraro’s, you’ll have officially experienced the tastiest Italian food Las Vegas can offer.

We can’t wait to welcome you to a spot at our table. A reservation guarantees the best dining experience out there. Reserve your table today and see why Ferrero’s has become the most famous Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.