Although Italy didn’t become an official country until 1861, its roots began well before that in the form of food. You can thank the Romans for their decadent love of Mediterranean cuisine and their fortitude for food combination.

If you want to indulge like the Romans then you need to find the most traditional Italian cuisine Las Vegas has to offer. But, how do you know which restaurant to choose?

Start by learning how to spot an authentic Italian restaurant with these tips.  

Look For Traditional Dishes

Italian cuisine has a long history of refinement. Therefore, you want to locate a restaurant that keeps to these traditions. This is how you find the tastiest dishes because these recipes have been preserved throughout the centuries. 

Anyone can throw together some cheese, tomato sauce, and bread. However, the subtle combination of these simple ingredients is what makes for an exceptional dining experience. 

You can tell if a restaurant holds true to the Italian tradition if they don’t alter classic recipes. For example, some authentic Italian dishes you should search for are:

  • Carpaccio
  • Caprese Salad
  • Gnocchi Al Pistachio Siciliano
  • Lasagna alla Gino
  • Pasta e Fagioli
  • Tiramisu

You should find most of these common dishes on any Italian restaurant menu with a description of how they are prepared and the ingredients.  

Italian Food is a Family Food

Food can be replicated to taste traditional. However, the top Italian restaurants are family-run. You will know a family-owned restaurant from the passion put into making their dishes. You can taste the difference between a copy of a recipe and a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

This is because a tradition is not just a replication of ingredients. It also includes an infusion of a love for sharing good food with friends and family. 

Passionately-made food tastes different in quality since its purpose isn’t just to produce a profit. The point of real Italian food is to spread joy. 

In addition to the food, the ambiance of an Italian restaurant also contributes to the family-first sentiment. Look for cozy seating, sharable dishes, and helpful staff that creates an intimate experience.

House-Made Pasta is a Must

There are over 100 different kinds of pasta that you can find in Italian food in Las Vegas. But quantity doesn’t mean quality. 

You can try all the varieties of pasta you want just by buying them in a box at the grocery store. And chances are that they will also taste similar.

If you want to truly taste the difference in pasta then you need to eat them freshly made. So, don’t look for restaurants that have the most styles of pasta. Instead, ensure that the pasta is made in-house. 

Eating homemade pasta is just part of the fresh ingredients that should be included in any authentic Italian restaurant dish. The time and care is taken to make pasta from scratch show in the flavor of the food. You will notice how pasta soaks up the flavors and provides the perfect al dente textures.

Never settle for store-bought pasta dishes when you choose to dine out. 

Large Selection of Wine Pairings

Italians, like their Roman predecessors, enjoy wine with their food. The wine brings out the flavors of Las Vegas Italian food when paired correctly. 

To find the right pairing, the wine list needs to be extensive and particular. It should include a variety of price options without sacrificing quality.

The wine selection also tells you how the wine was made. And an authentic Italian restaurant cares about preserving the tradition of winemaking. Ask your server how the wine is made to understand and appreciate this process. 

Wine pairings should be suggested either on the menu or on-demand. Some restaurants also include a pre-set wine and food dinner. If you see this type of option, then you know that the restaurant understands the components of its menu. 

Don’t Forget the Dessert

A meal is never complete without dessert, and this is especially true if you find the right Italian restaurant. Because dessert in Italy is just as special as its pasta, sauce, and bread. 

Italian dessert includes similarly fresh ingredients as the main courses. For example, the cheese that is so popular in savory dishes transforms into delicate creams in desserts like Torta al Formaggio and Panna Cotta. 

Dessert menus should also include homemade Italian ice creams known as gelato or sorbet. However, one of the most popular Italian desserts is tiramisu. 

Be sure that the dessert options are as traditional and plentiful as your meal. They can also be complemented by an Italian cappuccino or coffee to complete your dining experience. 

Service is as Good as the Food

The food may be divine, but a great Italian restaurant cares just as much about the service as it does the food. 

A sign of great service includes:

  • Knowledge about the food, including ingredients, preparation, and substitutions
  • Flexibility to accommodate your diet
  • Unsolicited suggestions, including wine pairings and dish recommendations
  • Quality checks to make sure your food and experience are beyond satisfactory
  • Personable demeanor to create a friendly and comfortable environment

Learn about the restaurant’s service by checking reviews online. You can also tell a service-oriented restaurant by how they answer their phone. 

Finding a Traditional Italian Cuisine

You may think that with all of these qualifications that finding traditional Italian cuisine is impossible. Luckily, authenticity isn’t too hard to find once you know how to recognize it. 

At Ferraro’s, you will immediately see that our passion for Italian food and heritage exists in every part of our restaurant. See for yourself by making a reservation for your next night out.