When you’re looking for Las Vegas Italian fine dining, we hope you’ll stop by Ferraro’s Las Vegas. Whether it’s for a nice dinner or simply just happy hour, our delicious meals will have you coming back again and again whenever you’re hungry for Italian. Unfortunately, we recognize that Italian restaurant menus aren’t always the easiest things to decipher. That is, of course, unless you’re fluent in Italian. Many Italian meals, foods, and ingredients are called by their Italian name, often leaving non-Italian speakers confused as to what they may be eyeballing. It’s our attempt to break down this language barrier and help you navigate through an Italian restaurant menu by going over its main sections.


Antipasti is what you eat before the meal – essentially, the appetizer. Some of the items you’ll find in this section include bruschetta (toasted bread with toppings), involtini (zucchini or eggplant wrapped around ricotta), caprese (tomatoes), and calamari (fried squid). Don’t eat too much of these though, because you have to save room for what’s next!


Primi are considered the first dishes. Basically, it’s not quite the appetizer, but yet not quite the main course either. You’ll find plenty of zuppa (soup), risotto (creamy rice), and pasta (we don’t even have to translate this one!). Since we’re on the topic of pasta, you should also know about the sauces that come on it. When it comes to the most popular ones: ‘al pomodoro’ is tomato sauce, ‘aglio’ is garlic, ‘pesto’ is basil, garlic, and cheese, and ‘carbonara’ is a creamy egg-based sauce with bacon.


As you could probably guess, secondi is the second dish. The second dish is the main dish and typically contains the most expensive items on the menu. This will generally consist of meat, fish, or vegetables. If you’re interested in steak, look for ‘bistecca.’ If you like chicken, look for ‘pollo.’ If you’re more into beef, look for ‘manzo.’ For those who are more into seafood, there’s ‘gamberi’ and ‘salmone,’ also known as shrimp and salmon.


For many, this is the most important part of the menu. That’s right – ‘dolci’ means dessert! While you may have no idea what the words mean, you’ve probably heard of them already – and even more likely, tasted them as well. Some of our favorites include tiramisu (a custard and coffee dessert), spuma (mousse), cannoli (ricotta in a crispy shell), and gelato (ice cream). Just don’t go overboard and make sure to eat your meal, that is, your ‘secondi’ first!

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