Popular Low Carb Italian Dishes

Popular Low Carb Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine is renowned the world over for its fresh and natural ingredients, distinctive dishes and recipes, and big, bold flavors. It’s also frequently seen as non-diet-friendly, and with the prevalence of pizza and pasta, that makes sense. But Italian cuisine is more diverse than most people realize, and contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of low-carb Italian dishes for those seeking a lighter fare. At Ferraro’s, we’re proud to bring the bold flavors of old-world Italy to our Italian restaurant just off the Las Vegas strip, and our menu features a variety of excellent low-carb Italian food guaranteed to set your mouth watering.

Low Carb Italian Food in Las Vegas

Looking for a low-carb meal but still craving the flavors of Italian cuisine? We’ve got you covered. At Ferraro’s, we’ve built an extensive menu that brings the flavors and ingredients of the old world to life with new, modern twists, and many of our popular dishes are perfect for a low-carb eater. Visit our Las Vegas Italian restaurant and try any of these superb low-carb Italian dishes:

  • ACCIUGHE AL VERDE: This tasty starter features anchovies in a green sauce.
  • SALSICCIA CALABRESE: This bold, spicy sausage comes accompanied with superb trumpet mushrooms and charred rapini.
  • CAPPUCCINA: A savory salad featuring crispy pancetta and gorgonzola cheese.
  • INSALATA MIMMO: A refreshing, light salad highlighted by avocado and fresh mozzarella.
  • ZUPPA DEL GIORNO: Many of our daily soups offer a low-carb option!
  • PETTO DI POLLO: Our mouth-watering grilled chicken breast is a great low-carb Italian entree.
  • TRIPPA SATRIANO: This old-world favorite is made from a slow-braised honeycomb beef stomach lining, but don’t let that turn you away – it’s absolutely phenomenal and a great low-carb option!
  • SALMONE: Our grilled salmon is packed with nutrients and naturally low in carbs.

All of these options will make for a great low-carb Italian meal, but this is just the beginning – our menu has plenty of other delicious low-carb options. Even better, when you eat at Ferraro’s you’ll get to enjoy not only authentic Italian food made by our award-winning chef, but you’ll also feel welcomed into a quiet, comfortable space that’s perfectly located right off the Vegas strip. Whether you’re enjoying dinner with close friends or in need of some late-night Italian after a night on the Strip, our menu is guaranteed to satisfy even those in need of a low-carb option.

Book a Reservation at Your Las Vegas Italian Restaurant

So what are you waiting for? Experience the magic of truly authentic Italian cuisine and book a reservation at Ferraro’s online today. Whether you choose to eat low-carb or not, we’ll treat you to an unbeatable experience of the bold flavors of Italy, all accompanied by a fine Italian wine or a handcrafted cocktail from our bar. We can’t wait to serve you – book your reservation today!

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