Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day At Ferraro’s

Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day At Ferraro’s

Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day At Ferraro’s

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show how we cherish our loved ones and enjoy time together. Ferraro’s offers the Las Vegas area the perfect opportunity to do this while you eat, drink and enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re looking for an appealing happy hour or a late evening of authentic Italian food, Ferraro’s is the perfect solution. We take great pride in our family traditions and are happy to share just a few of the many reasons why you should spend Valentine’s Day at Ferraro’s.

Perfect Location

Ferraro’s sits at a prime spot just off the Las Vegas strip, where we are perfectly accessible without making our guests feel trapped in the chaos of the strip. Valentine’s Day is the last time you want to feel overwhelmed and distracted, so opt for serene and private instead.

Romantic Ambiance

Beyond our perfect location, all of our guests appreciate the romanticism of our grand yet

intimate interior. Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar is deeply proud to provide service of the utmost excellence to all guests who visit our quiet and beautiful restaurant.

Authentic Taste

Why settle when you can have the best of authentic Italian fine dining? We’ve been serving our guest’s fine Italian cuisine from our time-honored family recipes since 1985. Choose premium, handmade food of the highest quality sources for this special evening with your significant other. From our happy hour offerings to late night adventures, our Italian food is always a fresh delight for the palate.

Delicious Options

Offer your loved one the absolute best from our expansive menu, including our ambitious wine bar, which includes sought-after varietals from Spain, California, Italy, South America, and Australia. Peruse the full extent of our wine bar here and be ready to find out why Las Vegas guests have trusted our dining and drinking recommendations for over 30 years.

Call Ferraro’s For A Reservation Now

Whether you are new to the Ferraro’s experience or are a lifelong visitor, don’t hesitate to make your reservation for an evening of delectable Italian food this Valentine’s Day. Let Ferraro’s be your Las Vegas happy hour choice or cozy up for a romantic evening with your loved one. Reach out to us at 702-364-5300 with any questions. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family!

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